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James T. Harris

Tucson Weakly's Dumb & Dumber

(The Circus is back in town!)

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Can I come on your show?
Can I come on your show?
On your show… Can I come?
  No! Now go away…..

Simple Dan Gibson and his sidekick, Jim Nintzel, are trying to remain relevant and they are trying to use The Beautiful Man to do it.


Not even my incredible magnificent beautiful self can save the Dumb and Dumber of the Tucson tabloid scene and drive the public to public television “journalists.” Can’t do it… won’t even try… No.

Why, you ask? Does Simple Dan scare The Beautiful Man? In a word… Yes! In the same way that people who desperately need to be loved scare me. Think Glenn Close in Fatal Attraction. D’OH!

Plus, I happen to RESPECT my audience! Unlike Dan Gibson (aka Lloyd Christmas) and Jim Nintzel (aka Harry Dunne) I don’t feel the need to dumb down Tucson. *Snicker

Yes, my friends, The Beautiful Man is here to empower, inform, entertain and edumacate! Dumb and Dumber just don’t meet the criteria.

Welcome to the circus, Jim Nintzel! I hope you can get your head around it faster then Simple Dan has.

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