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03/20/12 Show Blog

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CD 2
Ron Barber to make Congress run in fall, too
Will seek full term in November's CD 2 election

So with this news, I present City Councilman Steve Kozachiks letter to me in regards to his reasoning (at the time) that no other candidates should run in the CD8 election. I took liberty to add a few comments to his letter in light of this new information that Ron Barber will be running in CD2 as well.

(Steve Kozachik will no longer be doing his weekly Thursday updates because he has chosen to serve on Ron Barbers congressional campaign. Having him on weekly would open the door for all candidates to ask that they have a member of their staff on the show as well).

Steve Kozachik <>     Sun, Feb 12, 2012 at 8:19 PM
To: Jon Justice <>
Thanks for the phone call tonight. I appreciate your position with regard to my regular appearances on your show and how you need to maintain some level of non-partisanship in how you book regular guests.

I understand that on Monday, you'll be addressing my position with respect to the Ron Barber, D8 campaign. To be clear, that position is to support him as the caretaker candidate for D8. I'll of course individually consider all of the other candidates who will be running for D2 after the Special Election.

(So will Steve now renounce his support for Barber since he is running for CD2 now? We he still consider other candidates in CD2 or does Barber get his support? At the time of this posting Steve has not responded to this question via email)

First, none of the candidates should want to have to run, fund and manage two simultaneous campaigns. If my suggestion was adopted, none would have to.

(Yet Barber now has decided to run two campaigns?)

Second, the position I've taken is related to the D8 race only. That District will dissolve into the new D2 boundaries in November. That is the District the candidates of both parties should be focused on for the long term.

(Well that point is completely moot now isn't it)

Third, while it is correctly said that nobody elected Congresswoman's staff, the fact is that they have been doing the work on behalf of the D8 constituents since the shooting, they know the on-going issues the constituents are dealing with, and they are the logical group to close the book on those items for the remaining time D8 exists.

(So is the argument now that they should continue the work of Giffords in the new CD2 district too?)

    Steve K

Steve K obviously isn't the only issue or even the most important issue in regards to Barbers choice to run for both. But, Steve did damage to the GOP in his support which now, in light of this news, looks really bad for Steve. Honestly it looks really bad for Barber too and I can't imagine the Dem candidates who backed out of the CD8 election are none too pleased either. What a mess....only in Tucson....

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