Deputy Jay Korza from the Pima County Sheriff's Department, First Responder of the Month

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Congratulations to April’s First Responder of the Month, Deputy Jay Korza from the Pima County Sheriff’s Department

Nominated by Sgt. Jason Rockwell

“Deputy Korza has been a deputy with the Pima County Sheriff’s Department since July, 2000. He is currently assigned to the Foothills Patrol District as a Patrol Deputy and Field Training Officer (FTO). Deputy Korza also has collateral duties as a Tactical Operator with Pima Regional SWAT as well as a Tactical Medic (TEMS) on SWAT. He is a veteran of the U.S. Navy where he served as a Corpsman. He is still a certified paramedic and is involved in teaching paramedicine through Pima Community College.

In addition to his impressive resume, I am nominating Deputy Korza because he emulates professionalism and thoroughness in each of his investigations. Deputy Korza stays current with case law and how it affects law enforcement. He is extremely knowledgeable in matters related to Arizona Revised Statutes as well as Search and Seizure laws. Deputy Korza regularly teaches Search and Seizure at the academy and In-Service training. Deputy Korza is one of the “go to” Field Training Officers (FTOs) whenever the Training Center has a deputy training that requires additional training and attention.

Deputy Korza has recently taken the initiative and has begun seizing suspect’s cell phones in certain property crimes and writing search warrants for those phones. In doing so, Deputy Korza has been collecting evidence of crimes beyond simple offenses such as shoplifting, but as more serious offenses such as Organized Retail Theft, etc. Some of the cell phone seizures have also produced evidence of illicit drug sales and have helped identify drug dealers for further investigation.

Deputy Korza has also volunteered for the Emergency Volunteer Project in Israel. The EVP was established to support and protect the citizens and the land of Israel, regardless of their religious, cultural, or political persuasion. Their mission is to recruit, train, and deploy dedicated individuals who will serve as a backup force of emergency responders in Israel. Deputy Korza is scheduled to deploy in June of this year.”

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