Deputies Bill Farmer and Sam Chavez, First Responders of the Month

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Congratulations to August’s First Responders of the Month, Deputies Bill Farmer and Sam Chavez from the Pima County Sheriff's Department-School Resource Unit

The Pima County Sheriff’s Department School Resource Unit proactively designed and hosted an Active Shooter Workshop June 26-30, 2017. This event was made possible because of the efforts of Deputies William Farmer and Samuel Chavez. The workshop was held on the campus of Cienega High School and involved the entire School Resource Unit. The target audience was the teachers, administrators, and other employees who work in the school districts that we serve. The content of the workshop included a PowerPoint presentation, organized table-top exercises/discussions/worksheets, videos, and practical scenarios. Part of what made this event impactful, and an overall success, was the participation of volunteer high school drama students acting as role players in the practical scenarios. Dept. Chavez stated “there’s always something to learn. There was an unexpected issue of smoke coming from the blank gun rounds which caused the fire alarms to go off. That was something that wasn’t planned but would happen in a real situation. It goes to show there’s always something that gets thrown and you have to be prepared to adapt.”

After hosting the workshop Dept. Farmer stated “We have a county and a city full of teachers who are invested in their kid’s safety. So much so that a lot of them took time out of their summer schedule to take the class.” He added, “When we had a gun shot go off, they turned and looked at the guy with the gun and you could see in their faces that they wanted to rush that guy – and to see that from teachers was really motivating to me” Dept Chavez has been with PCSD for 7 years and Dept. Farmer has been with PCSD for 11 years. Both Deputies hope to continue teaching the workshop in the future.

Listen to the full interview here:

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