Tucson Airport Authority Captain Bill Swecker, First Responder of the Month

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Congratulations to February’s First Responder of the Month, Tucson Airport Authority Captain Bill Swecker

Captain Swecker started his career in the air force. Once he got out he worked at the 162nd International Guard Unit, then worked at Rurla Metro NW, but has been at Tucson Airport Authority for the last 21 years. Capt. Swecker was the first responder on scene under at Tucson International Airport when a Beechcraft King Air plane crashed on the terminal.

After receiving the call, his fire unit arrived on scene in under a minute. Then his training skills took over. The trucks put out the fire. They used a specialized foam on the aviation fuel fire. “A great attitude, dedication, and being a part of a team – understanding team work” are some of the things Capt. Swecker believes make a great first responder.

He quoted a mantra he learned from the Air Force Academy, “Service before self”.


Listen to Bill's interview here:


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