Engineer Mike Hoye, First Responder of the Month

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Congratulations to June’s First Responder of the Month, Green Valley Fire District Engineer: Mike Hoye! 

Inspired by his father, who was a firefighter at Rural Metro, Mike Hoye began his career in 1995. In 2001 he started working with the Green Valley Fire District as an engineer. Mike was the initial attack incident commander for the Sawmill Fire in late April and his quick actions and good decision making were instrumental in protecting several structures that were immediately threatened by the fire. Based off the Red Flag Warning, wind speed, and temperatures, his instincts told him he had to immediately evacuate the building and ranches nearby.

He knew the fire was only going to get bigger until the winds calmed down. Having local knowledge of the area helped him. For a fire the size of The Sawmill Fire, 46,000 acres, Mike knew his team had to have good situational awareness – being aware of everything going on around you – the equipment had to be rescue ready, and eventually their team received extra help from surrounding fire units. Over 600 firefighters help put out the Sawmill Fire. Mike likes the uniqueness of being a firefighter, adding “there’s always something new”.

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