Steven Brooks, Battalion Chief at the Tohono O'odham Nation Fire Dept., First Responder of the Month

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Congratulations to March’s First Responder of the Month, Steven Brooks, Battalion Chief at the Tohono O’odham Nation Fire Department!

Ever since he was a child Battalion Chief Steven Brooks thought fire fighting would be a fun job to have. Chief Brooks likes firefighters because they’re good working, have high integrity, they like to have fun, but most of all they care about their job and want to help others. Because the Tohono O’odham Nation is the size of Connecticut, their response times are longer – sometimes it takes 25-30 minutes to respond to a call.

There are four stations within the nation, but could always use more help to lower response times. Being at the U.S-Mexico border, Chief Brooks has to deal with immigrants who are causing problems along the border. They work alongside U.S. Border Patrol and Tohono O’odham Police to deal with any illegal activity in the area.

After 25 years of service, retirement is on the horizon. Chief Brooks isn’t sure what will happen next, but he hopes to continue teaching CPR and training others who’d like to be a first responder.


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