TPD Officer and Crisis Invervention Officer Yesla Welding, First Responder of the Month

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Congratulations to May’s First Responder of the Month, Tucson Police Department Officer and Crisis Intervention Officer Yesla Welding! 

Officer Welding has been an officer with TPD for 10 years. She is a Crisis Intervention Officer and a member of the Peer Support Team and Crisis Intervention Stress Management Unit. She is also a member of the Hostage Negotiation Unit and working alongside SWAT.

Recently, Officer Welding has been awarded an Unsung Heroes award from the Tucson Police Foundation. Officer Welding graduated from the University of Arizona (Go Cats!) and has trained through the Pima County Attorney’s Office (at the time) Victim Witness, now Victim Services program where she learned the skills necessary to become a Hostage Negotiator. Officer Welding calls herself an adrenaline junkie; she’s an “A-type” personality which in-turn gives her the power, compassion, and empathy to help others at a moment’s notice.

Being a Hostage Negotiator, Officer Welding handles intense situations. She states, “Yes, you do think about the victim, but you also have to think about the person that you’re coming in contact with - that person is in a crisis as well. They’re undergoing things that are catastrophic that has lead them to the position – whether they’re going to have gun to their head or they’re going to jump off a 5-story garage building downtown. You want to be able to build a report with them. You have to take off the police cap and put on the negotiator cap.”

Officer Welding believes that having compassion and empathy are strong characteristics of a good First Responder. This gives them the ability to save a life and perform what they do best. The ability to work as a team and remedy the situation is key.

104.1 KQTH and Curtis Plumbing salute Officer Welding for her continued and growing commitment to the Tucson community!

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