OVPD Detective Sanchez, First Responder of the Month

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Congratulations to October’s First Responder, Det. Sanchez from the Oro Valley Police Department


Detective Joe Sanchez has been with the Oro Valley Police Department for 10 years. Det. Sanchez has already had a very accomplished career in that time span. In 2008, he became a DUI officer and a Drug Recognition Expert was committed to keeping the public safe through DUI enforcement. He received the Mothers Against Drunk Drivers DUI Officer of the Year in 2009. In 2010, after serving as a DUI officer, he transitioned to a Drug Enforcement Officer. He served three years investigating and arresting drug dealers in our community.  In 2011 he received a Lifesaving Award. This stemmed from a roll over automobile crash. The drivers head was crushed between the frame of the car and the road and they were not breathing. Officer Sanchez was one of three officers who lifted the car off the victim’s head, while another officer pulled the victim out from under the car. The victim had serious injuries but survived. In Jan of 2017, he tested for and received a promotion to Detective. He was nominated because detectives are often the unsung heroes in most departments. Det. Sanchez is responsible for investigating and putting together successful cases for prosecution and advocating for victims of crimes.


Detective Sanchez works proactively within the agency to train officers in defensive tactics and driving. He works to physically prepare officers for any kind of assault and teaches them how to drive under stressful conditions. He also works proactively in the community as a Rape Aggression Defense (RAD) Instructor. The RAD program trains women how to avoid being a victim of a physical attack and how to defend themselves if they are attacked. He considers this one of his most fulfilling assignments as it gives him the opportunity to interact with the community. He would rather help prevent a violent crime altogether than be reactive and investigate after one occurs.


Joe is a role model in the agency due to his experience, strong work ethic and dedication to the community. He is a team player, has a positive attitude and an outstanding personality.



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