'Black Friday' shoppers step out early, for Thanksgiving day deals

CREATED Nov 22, 2012

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Reporter: Maggie Vespa

TUCSON (KGUN9-TV) - As the turkey and trimmings were just beginning to cool, millions of Americans were hitting the stores in search of hot holiday deals.

Even amid peak Thanksgiving hours, first time 'Black Friday' shopper Sylvia McPherson is taking no chances.

"It started Thursday, but yeah we've been out since Tuesday," she said.

Like most camped out for Kmart's 8 p.m. reopening Thursday, she has her sights set.

"(What's so important?  You've got a pretty specific list.)  We want a deal on the 42" television for $199 and the Android tablets for $39," she said.

Even still, her cousin and 'Black Friday' veteran Nicole McWilliams says trading turkey for TV's is tough.

"You know you're going to get the deals, but then your family's at home enjoying themselves," she said.  "(Obviously it's not hard enough.  You're here.)  Right.  The deal is worth it."

But not everyone is sacrificing family time.

"Usually we stay home all day and eat dessert, then go outside and play," said Linda Taylor.

Inside Kmart Taylor, her daughter and two grandsons are making frugality a family tradition.


"We ate at 11:30 to 12, and then cleaned everything up, and then out we came!"
It's a different story over at Toys R Us, where Candice Dagostino has waited 5-plus hours, not with her family, but for them.
"(You said your kids teamed up, and got you out here?) Oh yes," she said.  "My son told me that I needed to get the Ninjago, and if I didn't I would be in trouble."
When she is finally able to get her hands on her kids' Christmas must-haves, she says rearranging the thanksgiving routine was the right move.
"I love to see their smiles on Christmas," she said.  "It's the best part of all of it."
And it appears the 'Black Friday/Thursday' plan is working.  
Experts say worldwide, 41 million people, or 17% of the world population planned to shop on Thanksgiving.  
More than twice that planned to shop on Friday, with many coming back both days.