Laura Ingraham Leaves TRN

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CREATED Nov 27, 2012

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By Program Director Ryan McCredden

Laura Ingraham is off the air...temporarily. 
Laura called the station on Monday to inform us that she has left her distributor, Talk Radio Network, after more than nine years because her contract is up. Ingraham said she is in discussions with other distributors about her show, which currently airs on 325 stations nationally including 104.1 The Truth from 12n-3pm.  104.1 will stay in contact with Laura Ingraham and keep you updated on where her show will be moving to.  As long as Laura's show is distributed by a company we can use and the time of her show stays mornings or mid-days, Laura will continue on 104.1 once she resigns with a new company.
According to Talkers magazine Ingraham is the most-listened to woman on radio, with an estimated 5.75 million listeners a week. Talkers said that ranks her among the top eight radio hosts overall.

Adding to the mid-day shuffle; for those that haven't heard Neal Boortz is retiring and his last day on the air will be January 21.  This is leaving 104.1 with a 2-3 hour hole to fill with the best show possible for our mid-days.  We are currently listening to and talking with numerous other shows from across the country to bring you the right host in the mid-day on 104.1 The Truth.

During this transition period (Which we don't know how long it will be.  It is based on Laura's signing with a new company.) 104.1 The Truth is going to be featuring some of those great national hosts who we are considering for the lineup.  And we want to hear from you about which ones you like best.  Starting on 11/28, we will be featuring Rusty Humphries.  Keep listening to 104.1 The Truth for the latest. 

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