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Surveillance cameras catch men breaking into midtown home

CREATED Feb 4, 2013

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Reporter: Jennifer Waddell
Web Producer: Mekita Rivas

TUCSON (KGUN9-TV) - Meet Brian Cunningham.  

He's a midtown neighbor keeping his eyes peeled for criminals.

"Four different security cameras so I was able to capture the footage of them breaking into the house," Cunningham said. 

There's one, two, three, four cameras, which might seem like a lot, but for a guy whose home has been broken into four times, it's a priceless piece of his security puzzle.

But the footage his cameras captured isn't enough alone to warrant an investigation with Tucson Police.  

What's more? An officer told Brian to bring it to 9 On Your Side. 

"I had told him that I had video footage and he had suggested I contact the news and that getting it run on the news, we would hopefully be able to catch these guys a lot quicker," Cunningham said. 

Brian needs our help and so do police.

On camera one, we see a guy in a red shirt rides up on a bike. On camera two, he scopes out the front door and window, then gets back on the bike and takes off. A short time later on camera three, he comes back, this time with a partner-in-crime. They jump the back fence. On camera four, they head for the back door. They climb through the doggy door and unlock it and both run in. 

About 30 seconds later, they both run out when the alarm starts blaring. They take off through an easement behind Brian's house.

"It's not big enough to drive a car in, but it's definitely big enough for people to move freely through the neighborhood without being seen," Cunningham said. 

But we see the crime as it unfolds, thanks to the cameras which are in plain view.

Brian spent a few hundred bucks on his system and it took a few hours to install, but it's an investment he would recommend to anyone.  

"I'm hoping with this running on the news and police have this footage, that we will be able to catch these guys. So yeah it was definitely worth it."