Friends remember UA professor killed in plane crash

CREATED Feb 9, 2013

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  • Tito Tenorio, pictured to the left, says Ted Wilson loved to teach about his passion of mining.

Reporter: Alexis Fernandez

TUCSON (KGUN-TV) - A true gentlemen and a passion for knowledge, that is how Sean Dessureault describes his friend and colleague, Ted Wilson.

They both taught mining classes at the University of Arizona College of Engineering.

"The students loved him because he really cared about the students, cared about their learning, loved to take them on field trips so that they {would} get the industrial experience that he had so much of," he said.

Dessureault says Wilson worked as an engineer around the world, before settling in Arizona. 

"I'd want him to be remembered for his dedication to mining, to his students education and to what he loved," he continued.

Wilson's other passion - flying. He took to the sky several times a year. 

Tito Tenorio, another friend and colleague, shared one of those flights with Wilson in Alaska, where he was teaching several years ago.

When Wilson retired last year, Tenorio took over his courses. 

"Very open and transparent to share all his knowledge and that's a thing all of us -- all students, alumni, professionals, will keep in his memory because of that," he said.

They went on several mining trips together, and Tenorio says Wilson is one of his mentors that helped guide him through his mining career. 

"He had a brilliant life and it hasn't ended with a crash, I feel that it continues," Tenorio said. 

Lessons he hopes will carry on through his students.