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Tucson Police Department's 'most wanted'

Police need your help finding these murder suspects, armed robbers

CREATED Feb 18, 2013

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  • Video by 1041kqth.com

  • Video by 1041kqth.com

  • Police say these three murder suspects could be hiding out in Mexico.

Reporter: Justin Schecker

TUCSON (KGUN9-TV) - They've committed heinous crimes and they're still on the run -- Southern Arizona's most wanted criminals.

Nine On Your Side met with Sgt. Chris Widmer to find out who is on the top of the Tucson Police Department's most wanted list.

"They've already shown a potential for violence by committing the act of murder," Widmer said about three suspects who the TPD says have blood on their hands.

Twenty-two year-old Miguel Molina has been on the run since he shot and killed someone at a southside apartment complex in August 2008, Widmer said. 

Next up on TPD's most wanted list is Alvaro Redondo. Police say he terrorized a southside taco stand in November 2008. 

"He was armed with an AK-47," Widmer told 9 On Your Side. "He fired at multiple individuals. One of the individuals who was struck did succumb to his injuries."

Jesus Martinez-Verdugo showed up at a party in April 2011. Once there, he got into a fight, took out a handgun and shot and killed a man, Widmer said.  

Widmer said TPD believes all three of these murder suspects fled to Mexico.      

"We spend a lot of time looking for these individuals -- actively looking for them," Widmer said. "We also utilize the U.S. Marshals in assistance to try to find the individuals once we have an idea that they've gone to Mexico."

Two of the fugitives, Molina and Redondo, have family and friends in Tucson, Widmer said, and that could draw them back from Mexico at some point. 

As for the victims' families, they are still searching for justice.

"Some of them don't have closure until the person who murdered their family members is put away," Widmer said. "It is really hard to go on for these people when their son or daughter or parent has been murdered and the person who did it has gone on with their life."  

In the past three months, armed robbers hit up three different eastside banks. 

"They're putting themselves in a very vulnerable position to begin with," Widmer said. "They know the consequences of getting caught. They know there's a chance they may have to use their weapon."

Police say a man dressed in a grey sweatshirt and a black face mask robbed the Hughes Federal Credit Union near Broadway and Pantano on Dec. 11, 2012. What's scarier about this incident is that he demanded everyone inside get down on the floor as he robbed the bank tellers. 

A month later, police say a man wearing a zippered sweater, black baseball cap and black Nike sneakers stole from a Pyramid Federal Credit Union on Broadway. Once inside, he leaped over the counter and took out a handgun. Police say he forced the tellers to the ground and got away with the cash.

"He's possibly involved in a second robbery that happened on the same day on Jan. 15 in the same area," Widmer said. 

And just two weeks ago, surveillance video captured a man dressed in a black sweatshirt inside the Pima Federal Credit Union near Broadway and Pantano. He stormed inside this bank, pointing a shotgun at the bank tellers. They handed over money and police say he ran toward a nearby apartment complex. 

Nobody was hurt during these three armed robberies, but Widmer tells 9 On Your Side that might not be the case if they have the chance to strike again. 

"These people demonstrated very serious potential for violence and they showed an act of desperation and they used a gun or weapon to demand money from somebody," Widmer said. 

If you have any information about the three murderer suspects or if you recognized any of the three armed robbers, call 9-1-1 or 88-Crime. You can remain anonymous.