Tucson man gets 12 years for using chemical weapon

CREATED Mar 4, 2013

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Web Producer: Mekita Rivas


TUCSON (AP) - A Tucson man convicted of using a chemical weapon on a dissatisfied customer of his power washing business in 2008 has been sentenced to more than 12 years in federal prison.

Todd Russell Fries was sentenced Friday for possessing and using a chemical weapon and providing false information to investigators.

Authorities say work done by the 49-year-old Fries at a home prompted the homeowners to cancel a payment.

Prosecutors say the homeowners moved after finding oil, feces and dead animals in the driveway and swastikas painted on the house.

Nine months later, authorities were called to the new home after a chlorine odor was reported.

Authorities found gas-emitting debris burning inside, graffiti on the home's front, and other items spread across the driveway.

Several families were evacuated from the neighborhood.

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