1,000+ undocumented children to be dumped at Nogales Border Patrol complex over weekend

CREATED Jun 6, 2014

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  • Exclusive from the Jon Justice Show

  • Exclusive from the Jon Justice Show

NOGALES (KGUN9-TV) - History is being made on the U.S.-Mexico border.

9OYS has learned more than 1,000 undocumented, unaccompanied children are being brought to a Nogales Border Patrol complex from Texas.

Take a look at some images of those children wrapped in thermal blankets, obtained exclusively by the "Jon Justice Show. "
You can see kids lying on the floor of the US Customs and Border Protection facility in Nogales, potentially as they wait to be processed.
It's part of a controversial, apparently on-going practice being carried out by the federal government and, now, being condemned by Arizona Governor Jan Brewer.
In a statement released Friday, the governor says the facility is expecting as many as 432 kids by bus Friday, 367 Saturday, and that same number Sunday.
Friday night, 9OYS saw just one bus come into the facility, empty.
Roughly half an hour later, it left carrying passengers.
The governor Friday condemning the decision to bring these children from a reportedly overwhelmed Texas to Arizona and California, saying she is "disturbed and outraged", accusing the Feds of hiding the reason for doing this.
She added, "Not only does the federal government have no plan to stop this disgraceful policy, it also has no plan to deal with the endless waves of illegal aliens once they are released here."
This comes as advocates say the rate of undocumented children crossing into the United States is sky rocketing.
This year estimates are 60,000 kids will illegally cross into the U.S.