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Callers' Perspectives of What We Should Do Now to Continue to Fight for What's Right.

Friday, Nov 09, 2012

The Jon Justice Show
Friday, October 9, 2012
Tucson, Arizona
6:00 a.m. hour
Podcast Author/Asst. Producer:  Lenda Yu Brewer

Jon continues to call Barack Obama voters stupid for voting for him. He encourages us to continue to fight. Justice claims those voters have actually committed more damage to come. They voted to maintain their status of handouts. 

Caller, David, calls in while driving on his staticy cell phone. Jon Justice asks him why he voted for Obama, in which David can not explain and admits not paying attention to details. He admits he's stupid. 

Justice reads an email from someone saying how he's a CEO and was informed, but yet still can't give a reason on why he voted for Barack. 

Justice announces current political elections are still being counted,  news stories, and comments about a local blogger accuses our show of being scripted.

A Caller proposes the question to ask people which founding father inspired them the most.

More calls come in from various sides touching topics:

  • What can we begin to do
  • What will come
  • What questions to ask
  • What we can do to support or fight without any violence
  • Observations the politcal process is broken
  • How diversity has come up more

One caller feels comfortable that Obama is going to wreck the system to start over.





Tucson, AZ

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