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Stephen Kruiser says Obama is a Cult of Personality, caller assumes his use of "They"

Tuesday, Nov 27, 2012

The Jon Justice Show
Broadcasted live on Monday, November 26, 2012
Tucson, Arizona
Approximate time:  27 minutes
Podcast Author/Asst. Producer:  Lenda Yu Brewer


Stephen Kruiser, PJTV, Poltical Conservative Commentator calls Obama a Cult of Personality.
Both Justice and Kruiser recap some comments toward a previous caller, David,who complained about lower wages. Both agree its personal choice. 

Kruiser explains and compares what some Liberals are repeating just in different ways of trying to convince ideas. He makes an analogy to Asparagus, as if any recipe would really make a difference, he still doesn't like Asparagus just like he doesn't like Communism.

Justice plays a clip from the Soul Train awards, in which actor, comedian, Jamie Fox was quoted calling President Barack Obama the Lord and Savior.

Caller assumes Kruiser's use of They.
A caller calls in to try to point out, mildly insinuating, Stephen Kruiser had used the word 'They' pointing out a particular kind of liberal, perpetuating the stereotypical belief that Obama was voted in by African Americans.  He goes on to complain how Jon calls Obama voters stupid.

Kruiser corrects the caller by stating he used the word 'They' to refer to all kinds of Liberals.  He moves on to react to Obama's comment and the media's response of not talking about the Fiscal Cliff as it would ruin Christmas.

He encourages and points out the difference of Liberals and Conservatives. Conservatives take responsibility of their own actions rather than blame others.

Tucson, AZ

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