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Stephen Kruiser criticizes Bob Costas' Anti-Gun Read during Football Game: Eagles vs. Cowboys

Tuesday, Dec 04, 2012

The Jon Justice Show
Tucson, Arizona
Broadcasted:  Monday, December 3, 2012
Approximate Time:  17 Minutes
Podcast Author/Producer:  Lenda Yu Brewer

Stephen Kruiser, Political Commentator on PJTV, critiques Bob Costas' Anti-Gun read during Football game:  Philadelphia Eagles vs. Dallas Cowboys, Sunday, December 2, 2012 at Cowboy Stadium in Arlington, Texas.

Jon Justice replays Bob Costas' speech.

Stephen Kruiser feels it was inappropriate to put a personal political opinion during a national televised Sunday football game. On December, 2, 2012, Announcer, Bob Costas read parts of Fox Sports Columnist, Jason Whitlock, Column implying, "... if Jovan Belcher didn't posses a gun, he and Kasandra Perkins would both be alive today."  The column was written after the murder suicide story where Kansas City Chiefs Linebacker, Jovan Belcher, shot his girlfriend and himself. 

Kruiser and Justice critique how anti-gun liberals are blaming having a gun to the violence. Kruiser comments on the Columinst links to other gun related crimes to this particular domestic violence situation. He also provides his opinion on NBC news broadcasting. The ramifications of the choice was insulting to gun owners. Justice claims the left are the ones who show the strongest gun-control opinions because they don't trust themselves with guns.

The speech spurred news headline controversies in regards to gun-control.

Calls came in during and after Kruiser
One call says he changed the channel during the speech as he was so mad to listen to the anti-gun commentary during a football game he wanted to watch. The caller states he's a hunter.  He points out how guns will not stop violence.

Justice does not believe Liberal caller, Tony, who claims to be a pro gun control, gun owner
The caller agrees with Bob Costas, but when Justice asks what kind of guns the caller owns, he could not provide specific models.  Tony says its stupid he bought an assault rifle to sell. He feels there would be less murders if there were less guns. He compares Canada to the United States. Justice counter argues saying if there weren't any spoons there wouldn't be fat people. The caller replies, "If there weren't as many McDonalds there wouldn't be as many."  

Kruiser points out the shocking choice of the Arena Costas decided to read the anti-gun opinion; in the Cowboy Stadium in Arlington, Texas. Texas is known for its gun friendly laws.

Justice, Kruiser and other callers point out; Violent offenders will find and use any means necessary to commit a destructive act.





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