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La Raza Mexican American Studies and Desegregations Plans Cause Reverse Results

Wednesday, Dec 05, 2012

The Jon Justice Show
Tucson, Arizona
Broadcasted Live: Wednesday, December 5,2012
Approximate Time:37 minutes
Podcast Writer/Producer:  Lenda Yu Brewer

Jon reads a story of how Tucson International Airport Board of Directors urged to include a rail station at the airport. An effort to run between Phoenix and Tucson. Jon provides insight of the outdated conditions of the facility, the limited direct flights, and the Airports current project of installing solar panels in the parking lot. Jon predicts its a sublimnal plan to not fix the roads in order to depend on the future transportation projects.


Will Tucson Street Car Project hire local?
Jon updates us on the cities plan to bring in a company to operate the Street Car which will cost tax payers more money.  This project has cropped up more financial need along the way of production. He lists dollar amounts and their work requirements. He proposes the question wondering if they will hire local.

Caller Howard calls in saying this idea is as bad as the idea, Paul Cunningham had to capture gray water; the water used from your laundry, bath, and dishwasher, in which it is suppose to recycle the use. However, environmentalists are concerned of the hazards.


TUSD gets Sued for Unitary Status plan
Two families sue TUSD, Tucson Unified School District, claim they are not getting the same education efforts based on the Desegregated plans and emphasis on La Raza, Mexican American studies. Debatable sides argue the agenda pushes the message of oppression from one race to the other instilling hatred, their desegregation plan actually segregates groups, and if the interest in the Mexican American studies actually helps increase grades.  This program was tried once before with a resulting ban.  Jon reads previous objections by the Attorney General.

Arizona Attorney General opposes TUSD Mexican America Studies.
Justice reads an article of the objections. The emphasis shows exposed statements of teachers preaching Anglo-Saxon hatred.

Jon Justice slams on (R) Vice Mayor/Council Member Steve Kozachik for promoting the studies.  Justice quotes him in a newspaper article, where Steve makes remarks uncharacteristic of how he was before when he was on the show.

Jon states stories of the direct reverse reaction these classes actually had on students who attended the class. Kids afraid of each other instilling hatred. 



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