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Grijalva, Sec. of Interior? Low Apps on Amnesty Acts & Bible Wizard says (R) are Evil

Wednesday, Dec 12, 2012

The Jon Justice Show
Tucson, Arizona
Broadcasted Live: Tuesday, December 11, 2012
7:00 AM hour
Podcast Author/Asst. Producer: Lenda Yu Brewer


Grijalva, Sec. of Interior? Low Apps on Amnesty Acts & Bible Wizard says (R) are Evil

Justice reads top news stories

Discovery of Small Insect Eating Lizard named after Obama.
Justice describes the insect named after Obama. Findings show it was instinct before. He reads the story; scientists comments, description of the species and its links to similar creatures throughout history.

South Carolina wants Corbert, from the Corbert report, as a candidate
Jon reads poll vote results and comparisons of other celebrity choices in this position before.

United States Secretary of Interior defined and AZ Congressmen, Raul Grijalva nominated for it?
Justice explains its function, who is the current one, and one of our local representatives nominated for it. Justice blames him for regressing Tucson's progress. Justice takes callers opinions. He recalls thinking he heard, Grijalva was not interested. This position is eighth in line for the Presidency.

Callers comment include:
His inadequacies
His qualifications for the position
Keep him in Congress for less damage
Get him out of Arizona

Jon continues to list Grijalva's local decisions that has depressed progress.

Caller Wizard, claims the Bible says Republicans are evil.
He claims Republicans pull food out of people's mouth, they cut Social Security, entitlements and more. Jon corrects his misunderstood misinformed assumptions of what, Speaker of the US House of Representatives, John Boehner, is doing.

Caller comments where he's heard of Wizard before.

Justice leads into a story of free cell phones to the homeless.
Features include talk and text time. Justice states it has become more of the norm to rationalize finding funds and resources to give to the poor. Regular fan caller, Dean, calls in to ask where the homeless would charge their phones. Justice refers back to a story he proposed about unlibrary like activities in public libraries.

Immigration Update- Dream Act, Achieve Act.
A new act introduced in which Senator McCain co-sponsors the bill. Kay Bailey Hutchinson and Jon Kyle starts it rolling. Meanwhile, applications for Obama's Amnesty act are slowing down.

Applications for Obama's Amensty Act declining.
Justice expresses his views on why. Caller and Justice share their views of the Hispanic culture in relation to Obama, being a Republican, and who they do or don't support.

Watch the clip of today's show on Youtube.
12/11/12 The Jon Justice Show Live Segment



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