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Shooter blames Map he found on Website for his Inspiration - Katie Pavlich

Thursday, Feb 07, 2013

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Broadcasted Live:  Thursday, February 07, 2013
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Katie Pavlich, Fox news contributor, Townhall Editor

They both talk about a person on their Twitter accounts criticizing Justice’s guests, while he announced he will be running for city council.

Family Research Council Shooter
He picked his target off of the hate map of the website of the ultra liberal Southern Poverty Law Center.  They were upset over the opinion over the Chick-Fill-A owner’s opinions on gay rights. The Shooter says he got the idea from the website.  Pavlich says a similar situation happened with Sarah Palin, who also put up a map. The result came up that there was no link. She explains the Southern Poverty Law Center is an extreme leftist group.  They uphold violent behavior.   But no one at the Poverty Law Center pointed a gun to the shooter’s heads.

They share what his goal was:  Shoot employees at a Chick-Fill-A and smear the sandwiches in their faces as they were dying.  The groups have gone back and forth on condoning violence.

Justice says it seems like some of these leftists groups would blame also the Republican party.  Pavlich does agree propaganda does inspire but it also is the individual’s responsibility of their own behavior. 

State of the Union coming up next week. Pavlich mentions Obama has done nothing so far as he promised in his campaigns. 

Seems to have been tackled so soon.  Things seem to take a long time in Washington. Pavlich says it will be interesting to see what Obama will do or if he will work on any of the issues he campaigned for.

Gov. Brewer should have waited to accept Obamacare.  Rather than caved in. More than half the state wanted to implement it, but they should have waited to see if there were any changes before implemented.  

Immigrations issues are already falling apart. Many Americans do not like the policy.

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