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Obama Chooses Sequestration Cuts, Money For What Studies, 13 Obama Lies

Thursday, Feb 28, 2013

The Jon Justice show
Radio Show 104.1 Fm 6:00 a.m. – 10:00 a.m.
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Tucson, AZ
Broadcasted Live: Thursday, February 28, 2013
Approximate Time:  27 minutes
Podcast Author/Asst. Producer: Lenda Yu Brewer
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Mysterious Boom Heard in Tucson  
     Meteorologist, April Madison, brings the weather and reported possibilities of the loud boom felt and heard throughout Tucson surrounding areas the night before.  A large boom was reported around 7:45 p.m. Wednesday February 27, 2013, rattling windows and rumbling which has yet still gone unexplained.  San Diego, California reported a boom the same day throughout the day, while Charleston, West Virginia reported hearing similar loud booms this past week.

Suspected reports arise it may have been:

NASA Space Station Flyovers
Sonic booms

Sequestration is Obama’s Decisions
      Jon reads an article from a liberal blaming the GOP for the large lists of cuts.  He provides commentary to particular written passages.

Ultimately asking do they know:
Where is this money coming from?
Printing too much money devalues it.
It hasn’t been allocated yet.
Obama can choose where the cuts fall.

Why the Media won’t blame Obama
     The media is in a lose lose situation.  As the Media has embraced Obama’s power for far too long, if they show him in a bad light, they too will be criticized and attacked.

 Justice reads an article, Keith Koffler, a veteran White House reporter wrote yesterday morning:

Obama Can Choose Where Sequester Cuts Fall

     Sequester was proposed by Obama, signed  into law and now enforced by Obama.  We have had calls from city or government workers who’s paychecks will get cut.  Obama has appeared in the media surrounding himself with first responders he will lay off.

      Justice goes on to discuss how the government already has money to offset shortfalls.  He quotes Republican Congressman of Georgia, Tom Price, who explains where some funds are allocated. 

Money for What?

Videos called Grill Seargents
Beef Jerky
Fish decision making studies
Duplication Nations- multiple studies for the same thing
Lavish trips and property
Baseball training facilities
and more

13 lies Obama told
Dreams of my Father filled with falsely believed made up facts.  Justice lists at least 13 lies in the book, citing historical dates and events that contradict Obama’s statement.


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