Officer Erin Ysaguirre of the Marana Police Department, March's First Responder of the Month

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Congratulations to March’s First Responder of the Month, Officer Erin Ysaguirre of the Marana Police Department

Nominated by:  Sergeant Chris Warren, Marana Police Department


It is my great honor and privilege to nominate Marana Police Officer Erin Ysaguirre
Erin is an outstanding nominee because she is truly an Unsung Hero with the Marana Police Department as well as in the Town of Marana. She consistently goes above and beyond the call of duty. Erin exemplifies what it means to be a Marana Police Officer both on duty and off duty. She demonstrates a high level of integrity and provides Unparalleled Service that extends far beyond the scope of her regular duties.  Erin’s work ethic and dedication extend well beyond when her shift ends. 
Earlier this month, a fellow department member’s family was involved in a horrific vehicle collision where they sustained life threatening injuries.  Erin took the lead without hesitation in organizing the collection of funds to assist the family. Additionally, Erin coordinated buying gifts for two young children that were involved in the collision.  The accident was life altering for the family and is something they will deal with the rest of their lives.  Erin did all of this while off duty on her own time, and she received no compensation for her actions.  This was an incredibly honorable act on her part and is a classic example of police officers helping fellow police families. The family was extremely grateful and wrote a letter of appreciation for her actions.  
In addition, she volunteers a great deal of time outside of her normal work schedule. She donates countless hours helping improve our community and department without any expectation of compensation.  She donates her time for events such as Tip a Cop, the Law Enforcement Torch Run, and various other Special Olympics fundraisers.  The money she helps raise from these fundraisers is donated to assist Special Olympics Athletes.  Erin is actively involved with the department's Fit for Duty program, which encourages officers to remain healthy and physically fit. You will frequently see her on her days off trekking up Tumamoc Hill with fellow department members as she motivates them to get in better shape. She is known to show up on her own time to help promote the Marana Police Department at recruiting events, and she is involved in the physical fitness portion of the testing process.  Erin also volunteers her time as an instructor with the Marana Police Department’s Explorer Post.  The Explorers are a group of teenagers who are actively learning about a potential career in law enforcement. Erin further donates her time as counselor at Camp Fury, where she is an inspiration to young women who are interested in a career in public safety.  Camp Fury is an innovative partnership between public safety and Girl Scouts which exposes teen girls to careers in public safety and non-traditional jobs.  Public safety professionals like Erin encourage teenage girls to challenge themselves to take risks and complete numerous tasks which are both physically and mentally taxing.  Law enforcement and firefighting careers are traditionally male-dominated, but this local camp aims to teach girls they have what it takes to make it in those fields too.  The girls get real-world training from public safety personnel and learn rescue skills and crime scene investigation techniques. The interactive experiences encourage leadership and physical fitness that will hopefully have a lasting impact on the future of these young women.  
On top of all of this, Erin still signs up during her spare time to be actively involved with her daughter's school. Erin voluntarily participates in school presentations, educates students about stranger danger, drug awareness, and various child safety programs.  She will also take her police car to the school on her days off so the students can see firsthand what the inside of a police car looks like up close.  All of these things help teach the children the police are there to help them and encourage them to call us if they ever have an emergency.  Again, these are all examples of things Erin does on her own time and does not receive compensation. 
While on duty as a police officer, Erin leads by being among the finest examples of a true professional. She serves as an extraordinary role model, displays a high level of integrity, and is mentor to new officers. Erin has assumed numerous responsibilities that extend far beyond her regular patrol duties. She is a Field Training Officer, General Instructor, Defensive Tactics Instructor, and is a regular instructor for Marana's Citizen's Academy. She is also an active member of the Uniform Committee, Benefits Committee, and is a Background Investigator.
Erin began her law enforcement career with the Flagstaff Police Department in January of 2008. She joined the Marana Police Department family in November of 2010. On a personal level, Erin's husband, Jerry, is also a Marana Police Officer and they have two young daughters.  Erin has earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Criminal Justice from the University of Arizona, as well as a Master’s Degree in Criminal Justice from Northern Arizona University. 

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