Finding Cassandras to Stop Catastrophes

Unparalleled national security expert, former Presidential advisor and #1 New York Times bestselling author Richard A. Clarke took to the spotlight because of his own Cassandra-like warning about the 9/11 attacks which he documented in his bestselling book Against All Enemies. Now, he and R.P. Eddy, a globally recognized national security expert, return to the topic of Cassandras at a most prescient moment in WARNINGS: Finding Cassandras to Stop Catastrophes
In WARNINGS, Clarke and Eddy reveal insider views of previous disasters, chilling insights on today's threats to mankind, and a prescription to protect us. This is the gripping story of the future of national security, threatening technologies, our economy, and possibly the fate of man.
In Greek mythology, Cassandra foresaw calamities, but was cursed by the gods to be ignored. Modem-day Cassandras clearly predicted the disasters of Katrina, Fukushima, the Great Recession, the rise of ISIS, and many others. Like her, they were ignored. There are others right now warning of impending disasters, but how do we know which warnings are likely to be right?
Through riveting explorations in a variety of fields, Clarke and Eddy uncover a method to separate accurate Cassandras from the crazy doomsayers. They then investigate the experts who today are warning of future disasters—threats from artificial intelligence, bio-hacking, mutating viruses, environmental disasters, and our universal hackability, among others —whose calls are not being heeded. Their penetrating insights are essential for any person, any business, or any government that doesn't want to be a blind victim to tomorrow's catastrophe.
R.P. Eddy joins Tucson's Morning News:

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