Arizona-Sonora desert museum asks the community to help find hawk

TUCSON (KGUN 9-TV) - The Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum says one of their Harris' Hawks flew away after a demonstration on Friday and hasn't returned. 

Staff with the museum say it is common for hawks to fly away but they usually return within a couple days. This time, they're not sure where the hawk is because it's tracking device fell off. 

"Most of our birds wear a little tracking unit, so its really lightweight, doesn't bother them at all it just clips on to a little clip on their tail feather." 

Staff say the bird is comfortable around people and ask if they see it to call them. 

"Best way to help is if you see a Harris hawk that has a little gold band on to call or email us so we can go out there and look at them."

Below is the contact information for the museum if you have any idea where the hawk might be. 

Please contact the Museum at 520-883-2702 or email

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