Hundreds of families have arrived at the Nogales border to seek asylum

Nogales, AZ - According to the Kino Border Initiative, for the last five months hundreds of migrants from Mexico and Central America have arrived at the border seeking asylum. 

Laura Bustos brought her family of nine on a journey over a thousand miles from their hometown of Guerrero, Mexico. 

Bustos said she and her family had to escape their home because their lives were threatened by gangs. 

For the last 10 days, they have been waiting patiently to be accepted into the United States with asylum status. 

The Kino Border Initiative began helping the migrants who arrive at DeConcini's doors two months ago. They say that when migrants arrive at the border, they will take them to one of their shelters and add them to a list of other people waiting to cross. 

They say Mexican officials only allow them to have 10 families at a time at the footsteps of DeConcini's gates. 

After waiting their time in the initiative's shelter, the Bustos family now have their chance to wait to be called by US immigration officials. 

According to USCIS, people seeking asylum status cannot apply to work in the country at the same time. After they have been accepted though, they are able to work in the US. 

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