Marana family may appear on "Shark Tank"

TUCSON, Ariz. - A Marana family is one stroke closer to swimming with sharks.

The Bartons created a cute lip balm product -- and now they're hoping for the chance to dive right into A-B-C's Shark Tank -- the reality show seen on KGUN9.

Swimming with the sharks is risky, but it's a chance of a lifetime that two tweens -- Danielle and Heather Barton -- hope survive and win. They've created these really cute cartoonish animal pods that contain refillable lip balm in all kinds of flavors From birthday cake to lemon meringue pie. "We thought of this idea because we loved collecting and we loved lip balm," said Danielle.

These aren't just prototypes -- ideas -- BeBe Bartoons are sold online and in stores nationwide. Thousands of them.

Cavazos: How'd you come up with that name?
Heather: BeBe is because we are our parents babies. Bebe. And then Bartoons because Barton is our last name -- and cartoon.>
Parents Andrew and Michelle actually run the bulk of the business while the girls are the creative inspirations from sketches on paper to 3-D models on computer. "When we were finishing designing them on the computer. There were samples of shapes the nose too big made it different. Different flavors would come in -- some bad -- some really nice," said Heather.

They're hoping the *sharks are really nice if they get the chance to pitch their BeBe Bartoons to them.

Meantime -- the family continues to practice and design. "We're going to come out with new flavors and new animals -- new characters," said Danielle.
They've already created  two "sharks" to hand to the multi-millionaire -- billionaire mogels.

The lip balm flavors inside Strawberry Sharkcake and Grape White Shark. The girls will be the brand ambassadors, but if they can't navigate through the tough questions.  "If there are questions we don't know, we'll just hand over to our parents," said Heather.

The parents -- entrepreneurs themselves -- will be ready for the sharks. 

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