PCC chancellor restructuring college "in midst of difficult times"

TUCSON, Ariz. - A major announcement coming this week about the future of Pima Community College. Chancellor Lee Lambert will be discussing decisions that will impact nearly every employee. 
Lambert sent an email to all P-C-C employees last week asking them to attend a 3pm meeting on Friday the 13th at the West campus.
He states the meeting is about "staffing, budget and plans for the next important new chapters in P-C-C's history". He told staff "we are (in) the midst of difficult times that will affect nearly every employee in different ways. At the same time, we are being presented with many opportunities to improve student success and enhance our region's economic development and cultural vitality."

Lambert continues, "we will discuss why restructuring now positions Pima for those opportunities - and how that restructure is being approached."

Even though staff be attending the meeting, Lambert states Friday afternoon classes will continue as scheduled, but most offices at P-C-C will close at 2 pm. 

We reached out to the chancellor. We're told he's out of town Monday, but we're scheduled to talk with him Tuesday.

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