PCSD Pay Dispute: Largest union rejects sheriff's "ultimatum"

TUCSON (KGUN9-TV) - A major development in the dispute over a proposed pay and benefit plan for Pima County sheriff's deputies. A week ago, Sheriff Mark Napier told leaders from all 4 associations that they must unanimously support his merit-based pay plan by tomorrow

The largest union sent a letter to the sheriff Thursday morning stating their answer is no -- they will not support his plan to overhaul job classifications, pay and benefits. The chair of the Pima County Deputy Sheriffs' Association says Napier didn't provide them with enough details of the plan and the short deadline was never explained -- leaving the union at an impasse.

Eric Cevantez said, "We have a lot of underlying questions. I don't think it's very wise to hold us into that sort of commitment without know what kind of compensation plan is going to be."

KGUN9 reached out to Sheriff Napier. He said "I am disappointed, but respect their sentiment. I hoped we could work together to refine the concept of merit-based compensation to an actual plan that would make compensation to an actual plan that would make compensation more predictable and agreeable to everyone."

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