"We really want to find her for him," says mom of toddler battling leukemia who's dog was stolen

Tucson (KGUN9-TV) - Recently we introduced you to little Zabdiel Samaniego who's battling leukemia. With the help of Diamond Children's Medical Center, one organization surprised him with a playground at his home. However, as Zabdiel gets ready to go home soon, his best friend won't be there to greet him. That's because his husky, Bella, was stolen from the families home while he's been hospitalized.

"When I went home in the morning to get some clothes to celebrate his birthday in the hospital and when I got there she wasn't there. I called my husband and said someone took Bella," said Isis Samaniego, the mom.

That was six months ago, Christmas Day and Zabdiel's birthday. Bella was gone. The family has put up fliers, spent hours searching for her, but no luck.  The hope is someone may have seen her.

"We just need Bella with Zabdi.  It's a lot what he has gone through all of these six months and he's almost done and my heart hurts. It hurts when we go home and she's not there and he's looking for her. Whoever has her, take her to the Humane Society to PACC,  we will go and get her. We don't want to know anything, we just want her with Zabdi," said mom.

Bella wasn't just a dog, she was part of the family.

"He's 3 years old and has down syndrome. He really got used to Bella. We got Bella for him when he was one years old for, like a therapy dog like a service dog. They have been growing together. So he is really used to her, we really want to find her for him. We want them to be together," said mom

This week, Zabdiel finished his sixth and final round of chemotherapy. Doctors will send him home very soon. It's a bittersweet moment for the medical staff as they get ready to say goodbye to the little boy whose picture hangs in the hallway.

"He's always up in the hall walking. He wakes up brings smiles to everyone's faces, he's adorable and everyone loves him. We're so proud of him. We're very happy to see him go, but we will miss him, for sure," said his nurse Lisa Siewert.

"I don't know what we are going to do because he's so used to them now that when go home we will have to come back and visit," said mom.

If you have seen Bella you contact the family directly at (520)-373-8886. You can also call PACC at (520) 724-5900 or Humane Society at (520) 327-6088 .

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