What Would You Do in Arizona Tonight

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TUCSON (KQTH-FM) - “What Would You Do?” uses actors to create provocative situations and hidden cameras to capture people’s genuine reactions. Anchor John Quiñones explores the choices people make when faced with these tough and sometimes uncomfortable scenarios. Friday night “What Would You Do?” hits the road, traveling to Arizona to observe how people in the area will react to the following scenarios.

“What Would You Do?” airs Friday, July 14 (9:00-10:00 p.m. ET) on ABC.
Tonight's Episode includes these scenarios:
  • A mother is at a restaurant with two of her children: one is her biological child, and the other is her foster child.  When it is time to order, the mother allows her biological child to get whatever he wants, but tells the foster child that she can only order certain things because they are less expensive. While she explains to the foster child that the government only gives her a certain amount to care for her, she tells her son she intends to use some of that money to buy him an iPad.  How will people react when overhearing the interaction?
  • A woman and her elderly father are out for lunch. While the daughter is caring for her father, he begins to tell her all of the things he thinks are wrong with her. Will people come to the daughter’s rescue?
  • A son is coming out to his family who are devout Mormons. His parents are in disbelief, and the father tells him, “Living a gay lifestyle is a sin”. What will the other people at the restaurant do?
  • A woman introduces her Native American fiancé to her Caucasian parents at a restaurant. Her parents disapprove and make derogatory comments about the young man. Will any of the other customers say something? Then a Native American man introduces his Caucasian fiancée to his parents. How will bystanders react when his Native American parents view their engagement as a violation of their culture?
  • A diner asks another customer to watch her laptop as she steps outside to use her phone. While the diner is away, the other customer spills a drink on the laptop, panics, and begs bystanders not to spill the beans. Will they?


Anchor John Quiñones joins Tucson's Morning News to talk more about the show:


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