Listen to KQTH on your Amazon device!

You can listen to Tucson's Morning News, Chris Plante, Dave Ramsey, Laura Ingraham, Joe Pags, and Lars Larson and all of your favorite news/talk shows on your Echo, Echo Dot, Echo Show or other Alexa-enabled devices.


Setting up 104.1 KQTH on your device is easy.

On the App:

  • Download the Alexa App
  • Select "Skills" from the main menu of the app
  • Search for 104.1 KQTH. Tap on the station logo to get the 104.1 KQTH skill.
  • Tap "Enable" to enable 104.1 KQTH skilll


  • Say "Alexa, enable 104.1 KQTH skill"

Once you've enabled the skill, just say "Alexa, open 104.1 KQTH skill"


From there, you'll have four options. You can say:

  • Listen Live"
  • "The Rapp Report" - for the latest Mike Rapp Podcasts
  • Simply say "Alexa, skip." to skip to the next podcast
  • "Weather" - for today's forecast


For quicker access to these skills, you can simply say the following whenever you want!

  • To Listen Live, just say "Alexa, tell 104.1 KQTH to listen live"
  • To hear The Rapp Report, just say "Alexa, ask 104.1 KQTH for the Rapp Report"
  • For today's forecast, just say "Alexa, ask 104.1 KQTH for weather"




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