Saluting First Responders on 104.1 KQTH

Nominate a first responder who dedicates themselves to their work here in Southern Arizona!

First responders are first on the scene in an emergency and have the quick-action reflexes, professional training, and skills to really make a difference. Whether rushing to the scene of an automobile accident or assisting in the aftermath of a natural disaster, what first responders do really matters.

Have you been the beneficiary of the compassionate skils of a trained first responder? Would you like to publicly recognize the contribution of a first responder?

Nominate a first responder for their work here in Southern Arizona to be recognized and honored for their efforts!. 104.1 KQTH and Curtis Plumbing g want to recognize the contribution of first responders in our community.

Thank-You-First-Responder-LogoD On September 15th, the "Thank You First Responder Organization" announced a joint awareness effort with Stand Strong USA, to share with young people the importance of appreciating First Responders and honoring those who gave their lives during the September 11th tragedy.

A music video entitled “A Day in the Life…” featuring the anthem “Thank You First Responder” was released through social media and online at and features singer/songwriter Matt Jackson’s Tribute Anthem instilling emotion and a true sentiment of appreciation for First Responders and their daily bravery providing safety for everyone.

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