Got Privilege?

Pima County taxpayers, lend me your ear.

I do not like bikers. I’m not talking about real bikers, like Harley riders. I’m talking about bicyclists, the privileged weekend riders of Southern Arizona… the real 1%-ers of Pima County.
It takes a special kind of asshat arrogance to be a rider in Tucson. I almost killed a few on Hwy 83 a few weeks ago. The drive through wine country, between Hwy 10 and Patagonia, is gorgeous but I didn’t notice. I was too busy trying to force blood through my white knuckles!  That stretch of highway, with no shoulder, is barely wide enough for the campers, trucks and car traffic that have to navigate the winding blind curves. I actually watched a camper swerve across the double yellow line and into oncoming traffic in order to spare the life of a hapless cyclist.
 Bikers don’t care. Bikers own the road. Deal with it (it’s called enabling…)!
In the city of Tucson, home of car-killing potholes, bikers rule the roost. Thanks to the largess of the Pima County Taxpayer and the visionary misappropriation of tax dollars from county administrator Chuck Huckleberry, cyclists in Pima County don’t have to risk life, limb or rim. They get to ride on the smoothest roads in town! 
Exhibit A. 
Look at this “intersection” at Overton between La Cholla and La Canada. Look at how smooth that path is where bikes cross to ensure a smooth ride… 
No potholes. No buckles, chips or peeling asphalt. Just smooooooth.
This photo was taken two weeks ago. I am sure lights have been installed now so that those of us who drive will see the bikers gliding across the street. Too bad Huckleberry didn’t have lights installed a few years ago. I am told that a group of kids were tragically killed in a car accident about 1/8 of a mile east of the new glide path.  
No lights there.  
Oh, by the way, The Huckster also unilaterally changed bike paths to 12 feet from 8 feet (kind of the opposite of what Special K did to the Broadway project). Oh, and the light was paid for with HURF (gas tax) funds. 
Can you feel the burn, folks? The reason why I have disdain for cyclists in this town is not because they are engaged in a healthy activity. It’s because they are being catered to on the taxpayers’ dime! It would be one thing if all the roads in Pima County were as smooth as the bike paths, but they are not. 
Why are bike paths, used by less than 1% of the population, in great shape but the roads that taxpayers drive to work on suck? Must be that equity thing that Chuck, Richard, Ramon, and Sharon keep talking about…
The Pima County Board of Supervisors (minus one) is enabling the privileged on the backs of taxpayers.
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