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Delivering Tucson’s most trusted news, traffic, weather, and essential information you need to start your day Tucson’s Morning News with Mike Rapp is your source for Tucson’s for the latest news in Southern Arizona. We are the only morning show that combines the worldwide resources of ABC news, ESPN, and our local team from KGUN 9. 
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Topics include: TUSD, Tucson City Council, The University of Arizona, Pima County News, the Border, Active Wildfires, Healthcare, President Trump, Travel Tips, Money Saving Tips, Technology, Food, Pets, Tucson events and breaking news as it comes. 
Featured and special guests include: Sen. John McCain, Sen. Flake, Alex Pfeiffer from the Daily Caller, Joshua Thifault from Turning Point U.S.A., John Quiñones from ABC’s What Would You Do?, National Security Expert R.P. Eddy, Joe Shrank from High Society, Rear Admiral Yancy B. Lindsey Navy Commander and more! 
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